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UASAP Manual: Modifying Cosmic Resonance Frequencies of Planets

Thank you for choosing the  -Upper Austria Space Audio Program" (UASAP) for modifying the cosmic resonance frequencies of planets. With UASAP, you can change the respective tones associated with each planet by simply clapping with your hands, activating modifications through variations in sound pressure levels.

Every sound begins with a vibration and the human auditory system is only stimulated by a limited range of frequencies. This means that humans can only hear certain frequencies.

The range of normal human hearing is 20 Hertz (Hz) to 20000 Hz (20 kHz). Sound waves below this frequency range (<20 Hz) are called infrasound.

Equipment Required:

  1. UASAP device transduce jbl ex 80s, omnidirectional measurement microphone, interface, power amplifier, LED ring light, pool 33 inch & 6 inch,  water (essential)

  2. SOFTWARE: max msp, osb, loopback, electronics cv503 mini full hd camera, blackmagic design mc sdi- hdmi 3g, soma lyra-8  (essential)

  3. Clapping hands (essential)  👏__ 👏___👏 ___ 😄

This manual will guide you through the process:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the cosmic resonance frequencies of each planet. Here are the frequencies for reference based on low-frequency oscillations, calculated using the logarithmic scaling formula with a scale factor of 1200 and a base frequency of 20 Hz to transform the cosmic resonance frequencies of each planet into audible sound waves:

    • Mercury: 141.27 Hz

    • Venus: 221.23 Hz

    • Mars: 144.72 Hz

    • Jupiter: 183.58 Hz

    • Saturn: 147.85 Hz 🪐

    • Uranus: 207.36 Hz

    • Neptune: 211.44 Hz

    • Moon ( 🚫 NO  planet): 210.42 Hz   

  2. Ensure that the UASAP device is powered on and functioning properly. The device should be in the " MIC VOLUME TRIG, V05 / Frequency Modification" mode.

  3. Stand in a comfortable position with your hands ready for clapping.

  4. Identify the planet whose cosmic resonance frequency you wish to listen. 

  5. Focus your attention on the planet and its associated frequency.

  6. Clap your hands together with an appropriate  to create a variation in sound pressure levels.

  7. The UASAP device will detect the sound waves produced by your clapping and interpret them as commands for frequency modification.

  8. Observe the changes in the tone associated with the planet as the UASAP device adjusts its comic resonance frequency accordingly.

  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for each planet, adjusting the frequency to your desired level by varying the intensity  of your clapping.

  10. Take note of the modified frequencies if necessary for future reference or documentation.


Important Tips:

  • Experiment with different clapping techniques, such as varying hand positions, & clap strength, to achieve comic resonance frequencies of each planet.

  • Exercise caution and ensure a safe environment while clapping to avoid any injuries.

  • Keep the UASAP device clean and free from any obstructions to maintain optimal functionality. Do not touch! 

        Congratulations! You have successfully utilized the UASAP device to modify the comic resonance frequencies of planets.

        Enjoy exploring the fascinating world of cosmic sound manipulation!

Note: The UASAP device is solely intended for entertainment and educational purposes and should not be considered as scientifically accurate.

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